FAQ Renting a property in France

Is a student’s letting seasonal?

According to a Minister’s response to the Parliament of 26th December 2003, a seasonal rental must not exceed the duration of a season i.e. three months. However, the court of appeal of Aix-en-Provence has judged that a university ‘season’ could last 10 months and excluded the lease from the law of 6th July 1989.

As a landlord, can I terminate the lease in order to occupy the property as a holiday home?

Seasonal lettings

Seasonal lettings are lettings of furnished or unfurnished housing for the maximum duration of a season (e.g. three months).

As their object is not the tenant’s main residence, seasonal lettings are only governed by the provisions of the French civil code.

However, the law of 2000 (decent housing) and of 20th July 2003 (information on natural and technological risks) apply.