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FAQ Renting a property in France

Is a student’s letting seasonal?

According to a Minister’s response to the Parliament of 26th December 2003, a seasonal rental must not exceed the duration of a season i.e. three months. However, the court of appeal of Aix-en-Provence has judged that a university ‘season’ could last 10 months and excluded the lease from the law of 6th July 1989.

As a landlord, can I terminate the lease in order to occupy the property as a holiday home?

Renting your business premises

Commercial lease in France is regulated by the Law dated 30th September 1954 whose aim is to protect the tenants.

Based on the fact that location and premises are essential to attract clients, the principal provisions of this Law (granted to the tenant) are:

  • A statutory minimum duration of nine year tenancy;
  • A right or renewal of the lease or an alternatively compensation if renewal is refused;
  • A rent increase control system.

As such, any agreement excluding or amending these major rights will be rendered void.